Simms Jewelers History

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Once upon a time (1953) in a far away place (New Brunswick, NJ), Sid & Mae Sockolof, along with a partner by the name of Segal, opened a jewelry store. The partners called the business "Simms." The name has no real significance, but when prompted Mae would always say... it was from "Sockolof & Segal in a double Mess."

Simms, of 1953, wasn't like any jewelry store you'd encounter today. Back then, in addition to buying an engagement ring or getting a battery for your watch, you could pick up little things like washing machines, TVs & refrigerators! But the bizarre / bazaar nature (no pun intended) of the business notwithstanding, it was then from whence our history of customer service began.

The important thing in those days was not what was being sold, but how: The relationships that were cultivated between shopkeeper and customer and shop and community. The shopkeeper provided the product and information and the community, a market. Payment terms were a dollar down and a dollar a week. As a result, relationships were long-term and respectful.

In 1965, after a break-up of the partnership, young Arthur Sockolof, at the request of his parents, joined the Company. And thus began the "Modern" era of Simms Jewelers. His wife, Ann, joined the company shortly thereafter.

In 1966 a decision was made to transform Simms from a jewelry-appliance-catch-all, to an up-scale retailer of fine quality jewelry. That meant out with the kitchen sink, as a major redesign, renovation and upgrade of Simms' facilities and merchandise occurred in 1967. The core philosphy of customer service and the players were all that remained of the business that had begun some 13 years earlier.

For the next 25 years, the Sockolof family, led by Art, worked at establishing itself through our chosen "medium" of fine jewelry and top-notch service. We were driven first and foremost by a desire to make customers rather than sales. 

Sidney & Mae Sockolof retired in 1983, but not before a second and third store was opened. In 1985, after three years of mental turmoil, Art decided to consolidate Simms into one location to best serve its clientele. It's present location, a free-standing, 100+ year-old home on Main Street in Bedminster, NJ has housed our company since 1991 (and here it shall stay!)

As often happens with family businesses, we have not only enjoyed long-term relationships with customers but with personnel who, over the years, have become cherished friends as well.

Mission Statement

Simms Jewelers is dedicated and committed to providing its customers with timeless products of inherent quality and value, by a sincere, professional staff, distinguished by an obsession to service.
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