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Things break. It happens. It’s NOT your fault!
Sometimes, with regular maintenance, breakage can be avoided, sometimes not. Thanks to the once popular “A Diamond is Forever” ad campaign, people often (and mistakenly) expect their jewelry to be indestructible. It isn’t. Contrary to popular belief you can’t sleep, shower, exercise, cook, garden, lay brick and box while sporting your finest jewels and expect them to survive unscathed. (You know who you are... STOP NOW!) They won’t. 

Over time, metal wears away resulting in broken or bent prongs, a break in a chain or a ring shank splitting... in worst case scenarios gemstones can be lost. Sometimes rings shrink and no longer fit your hand (I hate it when that happens). In your beaded jewelry the threads can dry-out and/or stretch resulting in breakage and whoopsy... there go your beads all over the floor. Clasps loosen, links stretch, stones chip and batteries die. When this happens to you (or yours) we’re here for you. (Whether the item came from Simms or not!) 
We welcome the opportunity to help you take care of your precious possessions. We have a great resource: his name is Jerry! Between his bench-jewelry expertise and the expertise of Dan (Simms’ gemologist) we can evaluate any jewelry pieces and provide recommendations for needed repairs or enhancements. 

Repairs can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Many are performed in-house, but when necessary we also utilize specialists located elsewhere. We do not perform any work until you’ve been briefed as to scope, cost and time-frame.

Typical Jewelry Services

Cleaning & Checking
Our favorite, ‘cause people are always so excited to see their "bling" blinging! This service is provided with our compliments. Depending upon the nature/type of item to be cleaned, the use of an ultrasonic cleaner & steam cleaner may be employed. All items will be examined for structural issues and/or stone and clasp security. 
Pearl/ Bead Restringing
Knotted, unknotted, graduated, uniform, single strand, multi-strand, genuine, faux, necklaces or bracelets, these are just some of the types of re-stringing projects we encounter. Based upon the pick-up/delivery schedule a typical turn-around time for a restringing job will be 1-2 weeks. Restringing will typically cost between $3 and $6 an inch depending upon the scope/nature of the job. You will be given an estimate before any work is performed.
General Jewelry Repair
Ring sizing, prong-retipping, tightening loose gemstones, polishing jewelry, plating jewelry, soldering charms, repairing chains, tightening a safety or replacing a clasp, these are just some of the services we provide. Most repairs will be promised for completion within 2 weeks of drop-off however most times "rush" or "emergency" jobs can be accomodated. A cost estimate will be given before any work is performed.
Hand monograming or lettering can be applied on most surfaces/ items. Rings, bracelets, charms, silver items, and watch casebacks, to name a few. Depending upon drop-off/ pick-up schedules engraving will take between 1-2 weeks. There is a $15 minimum engraving charge. Most jobs are charged either per monogram, per signature or per letter depending upon the nature of the engraving. A cost estimate will be given before any work is performed.
Appraisal Service
There are a variety of different types of jewelry appraisal. The most well-known of these is the Insurance Replacement appraisal: a document detailing the description and retail replacement price of an item to be insured. In the event of a loss, the insurer will either replace the item or offer monetary compensation. In either scenario, the more detailed the report, the better protected you, as the insured, will be. A good appraisal should document details like stone descriptions (number, type, shape, measurements, estimated carat weight), metal type and content, manufacturing style (where applicable), brand identification, and current retail replacement price.

Since 1999 Simms has partnered with Timeless, an independant appraisal firm, to provide appraisal service to our clients. Since 1971, the appraisal staff at Timeless has been uniquely qualified to handle any and all types of gem and jewelry appraisal work. Their qualifications are founded on extensive trade experience, a computerized database of auction comparables (updated quarterly), current market research of diamonds, gemstones and precious metals prices and a well-developed reference library. The firm is a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA), which is on the International Advisory Committee of the Appraisal Foundation. Additionally they conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
Typically, Timeless visits Simms once a month, on a Saturday. You are invited to stay during the examination process or drop off your items for pick up later that day. Your appraisal document will be available for pick-up at Simms approximately 2 weeks after the examination date. Payment is remitted directly to Timeless. Fees are based on the number & nature of the items to be appraised. The hourly rate is $150/hr (for typically up to 4 pieces an hour) and an administrative fee based on the total number of items documented. A cost estimate will be given before any work is performed.
Watch-Repair Services:
Our watch service department offers a variety of watch-repair services: battery replacement, re-water resisting, crystal replacement, mechanical movement repair, dial refinishing, total watch restoration, case / bracelet repair or shortening, and watch band replacement.

For watches dropped off for in-house battery and/or band service, every effort is made to return the watch within 1 business day of the drop off. Factory service on watches will typically take between two to twelve weeks. A cost and time estimate will be given before any work is performed.

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